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  • RELEASE DATE /February, 02 2017
  • FORMAT /Digital

2016 said goodbye and we present the first of monthly releases that will follow on Soundhitectures this year. Timo Chinala lands his third release with the lo-fi deep house track As Ever. The track has a strong emphasis on the low end groove and it’s held together with atmosphere that consists of subtle melancholic synths and mellow vocals. With As Ever Timo showcases his future direction and promises to be even more atmospheric, melancholic and organic when he comes back again. On the other side Evident took techier approach and stripped the track off and gave it more drive. He transformed the start to a breakbeat opening which is followed by the straight 4×4 rhythm after the break. The remix stays in the melancholic domain, followed by the strong bassline, atmosphere and the ongoing vocals. Jan Nemecek brought out the modular synth and made a gradually evolving remix that spans over eight minutes. With his more advanced approach to the sound and arrangement the remix is perfect for everyone with more sophisticated taste. Whatever trip you’re having, let’s make it last a little longer.