Christian Kroupa - Mutual In Divine Love EP
  • BUY AT /Website, Digital stores
  • RELEASE DATE /March, 29 2017
  • FORMAT /Digital

Christian Kroupa debuts on Soundhitectures with the Mutual In Divine Love. Christian is one of those producers and djs that won’t blind & spam you everywhere they go – yet he stands out with a constant stream of good music. Not many at his age can say they have attended Red Bull Music Academy, played at Sonar Festival and Tokyo, released on R&S Records, released on vinyl and appeared in Fabric mix. Upon all, he’s producing tons of new music and holds a weekly radio show named Flash Forward. With more releases coming out, gigs on the way and playing the infamous Boiler Room next month – we believe he’s the one to watch. And.. we’re definitely.. not.. alone.

Mutual In Divine Love promises melodic softness that runs through all four track. With his signature production touch, the EP thoroughly shares the same emotional bullet. It opens up with catchiest track Love With Words and continues with a slightly deeper melodics of All Your Devotion. Desire To Fall mixes leftfield elements, techno & spacious atmospheres, that whisper Blade Runner in the shady club corners. At the end Only Skin Deep finishes the EP in the best manner possible, with the focus on delayed synths, discreet groove and distinct ambience that translates “How long is forever?” into something physical.

We’re still not sure if these tracks are the love songs for the dancefloors, for the beloved ones or just honest expressions? It just might be all together, ready or not – smooth and freshly produced package from Christian Kroupa.