Mysteries We Don’t Have Time To Think About (Album)



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Evident belongs to the younger generation of electronic musicians. Born at the end of Yugoslavian era into newly established Slovenia. Raised in the small town up in the north. Surrounded by forests and mountains, he developed a strong interest and passion for electronic music, that never ceased to exist. Fast forward a few years and he became one of its most interesting representatives, hailing from the Balkan region.

In recent years he remained influenced by the artistic, melancholic and explorative side of electronic music, while also staying firmly connected to the club core that for him resides between house and techno. After numerous chances to play the at the same nights & stages as Mike Servito, Johannes Heil, Richard Davis, Will Saul, Larsson, Funkineven, youANDme, Chymera, Jan Blomqvist and many others, he developed a sense for djing, which he was able to showcase in clubs and festivals in neighbouring countries. Lately associated with SolvdMag and it’s successful SOLVD events, he became monthly resident at the legendary Klub K4 in Ljubljana, where he currently lives and works.

Mysteries We Don’t Have Time To Think About is his debut album and journeys through fifteen tracks, that span from ambient beginnings and slow electronica, to break infused house into classier deep-tech rhythms. Album’s tracklist creates it’s own story and sets the tone and expectations for the listeners experience which soon dispels into 79 minute long experience, full of sensual atmospheres, edgy rhythms, playful noises, progressive melodies and ambience recordings.

Influenced by the nature, technology, electronic music, consciousness, everyday contrasts and events around the world, the album started to take it’s shape in the summer of 2016. For 24th years old artist this is his first album. It comes right after a two year period of releasing mixes, live sets and remixes with less emphasis on the original work.

Since bursting to the local dancefloors in 2012 he continously surprised with the ever-changing variety of clubs sounds. But moments when everything slows down and gets fused with atmospheres, instruments and vocal obscurities – are the one that leave most memorable dance floor experiences. They usually happen at one of his live expeditions and stand as a good example of what’s possible, when there is a chance to break away from the standard dance floor direction.

Mysteries We Don’t Have Time To Think about is a product of everyday contrasts & thoughts, that reflects on our way of life. “Who we are, what we’re doing and where we’re going” is an interesting question, but it might receive as many different answers as there’s people. This album plays with these ideas and even if the artwork and tracklist set the serious tone – it’s nothing to be serious about. Album invites the listener to participate in a timeless, eclectic and colorful voyage, that can be enjoyed at home or in the middle of the crowded dancefloor, reshaped into something else by its creator.


01. While We’re Here
02. Observing Stars
03. The World Keeps Burning
04. And We Keep Playing Games
05. But All Those Beatiful
06. Mysteries
07. We Don’t Have Time
08. To Think About
09. Will Stay Hidden
10. From Those Who Are
11. Trapped inside
12. The Mind
13. Unable To See The Garden
14. In front Of
15. Us

Artwork made by Jean Pierrot
Mastered by Roby Deep


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